Tubos de Aço com tratamento anticorrosivo e Telas em PVC de alta resistência.

Parking lots for small and large shopping areas, hypermarkets, restaurants and industry | warehouses | private homes | institutions | schools | gardens | museums and booths | gas stations and vacuuming areas | factories


COVER coverings are wholly manufactured at our production facility based in Murtosa, Aveiro - PORTUGAL. We customize and model each project. Innovating in every aspect, to benefit customer service, is an asset and a differentiation in the market.


Production of awnings and coverings consider every safety rule regarding structures, standardized and regulated under the European Union.


We have several teams consisting of specialized technicians, to ensure proper installation and assembly with all the necessary safety.


We provide after-sales service and monitor the entire process, to achieve personalized treatment, while offering a strong value proposal to our customers.



We constantly update our skills

We customize and model each project in 3D, free of charge, so that the customer can view the final version of the work. Innovating customer service, in its multiple aspects, is an asset and a differentiating factor in the market.


We manufacture using sophisticated machinery and qualified human resources.

The production process at COVER uses cutting, bending, welding and rebarda. This is concluded using metallization treatment, and, later on, painting or simply galvanizing.

Using a canvas roll, we cut and vulcanize tailor-made to the project, complete with industrial stitching, by applying eyelets and inserting steel cable all around. The canvases are 100% impermeable, block out UV rays, provide thermal insulation, ward off fungi, while providing easy cleaning and non-adherence of external elements (residues, snow, etc.).

We use products certified for Quality & Safety.

Structural Dimensioning Codes

As estruturas metalo-têxteis, fabricadas e comercializadas pela Cover, foram dimensionadas de acordo com as seguintes Normas Europeias:
Eurocódigo 3: EN 1991-1-3:2005 Ações em estruturas Parte 1-3: Ações da Neve
Eurocódigo 3: EN 1991-1-4:2005 Ações em estruturas Parte 1-4: Ações do Vento
Eurocódigo 4: EN 1991-3-1:2005 – Projeto de estruturas de aço: Parte 1-1: Regras gerais e regras para edifícios.

As ações consideradas foram as seguintes:
– Peso próprio da estrutura
– Ação do vento sobre a estrutura para uma velocidade de vento de base de 28m/s para um terreno de rugosidade 2 (EN 1991-1-4:2005) que corresponde a 3 metros de altura e a uma velocidade de vento de 129km/h. Esta velocidade de vento equivale a uma pressão dinâmica de 804Pa (≈ 82kgf/m²)
– Ação da neve sobre a estrutura, tendo sido considerada uma zona média na Europa com uma carga de 0.5kN/m² (≈ 51kgf/m²)



Cover has duly qualified assembly teams.

Our teams are undergo continuous training, to ensure safety, quick and efficient assembly.

We perform quality finishings, according to customer needs, while preserving the esthetics and the surrounding environment.


We monitor the project from its creation to delivery throughout its existence.

We offer a qualified after-sales service, adapted to every project and market. We work for domestic and international customers.
Cover provides precise and assertive monitoring, so as to ensure the necessary maintenance throughout the entire project’s life cycle.



(Law No. 144/2015, dated September 8th)

We hereby inform our customers that this company that we are at your disposal for any clarification or to resolve any problem related to the services provided and/or goods supplied by this establishment.

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