Cover, which is devoted to manufacturing and marketing metal-textile awnings and coverings, relies on a specialized team of professionals to reply to you in less than 48 hours.

Cover is a european reference and is at the forefront of the production of PVC and metal-textile covers (patented models) Taking advantage of this know-how, he adds solar carport structures to his portfolio – metal roofs with solar panels for car parking, in a clear bet on the future, responding to the needs of the market, increasingly attentive to sustainability. All products have CE marking. We started our history in 1995 and since then we have had a vast portfolio of clients in all continents in the most diverse sectors of activity. With the added value of innovation and customization, ensuring that each customer is unique and special. All covers are designed, produced and installed according to the requirements of our customers – regardless of their sector of activity – and are characterized by their modularity, that is, the necessary modules are added, depending on the available space, providing an aesthetic harmony and an optimization of costs. The covers can have the logo and / or institutional information of our clients.

About Us

COVER is a registered trademark, created in 2015 by the Valente & Lopes Group , in order to integrate a set of services already provided by Valente & Lopes. The know-how of 26 years’ worth of expertise enables us to respond to market challenges, with a wide variety of products and an effective form.

What we do

We create, produce and apply metal-textile covers and solar carport in a wide variety of patented models (see gallery). We are present in various spaces, from private homes to parking lots of large shopping areas.

Mission and Values

The position adopted by COVER is governed by a set of basic values: commitment, responsibility, skill, precision, entrepreneurship, innovation, solidarity and team spirit.


Twenty Two years of dedication, work and expansion.

Cover is present beyond Portugal’s borders, represented by the Valente & Lopes Group.

Portugal | Spain | France | Cuba | Colombia | India | Morocco

Creative process

From the customer to the customer.

Cover models are created and developed by a specialized team that tests and examines their sturdiness and the functionality of their structures. With the market and the customer in mind, over the years the Valente & Lopes Group has been improving its value offer, by innovating on a daily basis, to ensure differentiation and quality.

Just a reminder that the Valente & Lopes Group also comprises a company specializing in Car Wash coverings, called TECWASH.

Responsabilidade Social

Social Responsibility

Sustainability and esthetics

Integration: Our coverings are installed in harmony with the surrounding environment and in accordance with the space’s specifications.
Materials: The main components of our structures, steel and canvas, are 100% recyclable, thus contributing toward our planet’s sustainability.
Use: The translucency of the canvases allows using the sun’s resources, thereby limiting the use of electricity.

Quality and guarantee

Quality excellence

The steel structures used comprise a variety of alloys of the highest quality, which can be galvanized and, later on, lacquered in the color sought by the customer.

The C2 concrete foundations vary according to the structure to be installed, as they are linked to the metal-textile structures using suitable screws and bolts, to provide the necessary stability.

The canvases of structures use highly-resistant PVC-coated textile membranes. The lacquering process used ensures 100% impermeability, while blocking out UV rays, along with thermal insulation, the absence of fungi, as well as easy cleaning and non-adherence of external elements (residues, snow, etc.).

Cover comes with a 5-year warranty for metal structures and a 2-year warranty for the covers, from the date of issue of the corresponding commercial invoice. The warranty covers damage resulting from defects in raw materials, in workmanship, in assembly and in expected usage conditions.